The aim of the Association is to provide an opportunity for PTIs to get together regardless of specialisations  rank or status, to renew old friendships and provide a welfare link through our Area Representatives. It is our chance to meet as one and reflect our common bond.

The present incumbent Welfare officer is Dave Percy supported by the Secretary, all elected Association Officers and the whole membership.  The basic aim of the Welfare element is the swift communication of welfare matters to members or organizations in an attempt to assist people who might not be in as fortunate a position as most of us.

 Sadly, welfare matters come to light sometimes when it is too late for the Association or its individual members to honour or pay their respects to people who have passed away. Normally we would contact the deceased members family for their permission to release funeral details and offer any assistance we can from our limited resources, including parading the Association Standard at funeral services if requested. The most important function is then passing this information on to members in time for them to respond as they would wish.
Mostly, the welfare tasks are carried out by our ever diligent Area representatives who are in a position to identify people in their area who may have become ill or had an accident or just need some help. The Association would also become involved at this stage and respond by sending our best wishes in the form of a message card or small gift or even, in association with the local Area Representative, organise visits to see them either in hospital or at other locations where they are recovering. One request recently from an area rep was that one of our members was having a particularly hard time and could we send a gesture from the Association to brighten her life a little.
Small, sometimes personal gestures have a huge effect on people’s lives, and we all  have a part to play in the welfare of our Association members.   Our Area Reps are an important link and I would urge you to contact them or the Secretary or me if anything of a welfare nature occurs to you (see our Area Reps Page).  Most of the Association members are genuinely interested in their comrades’ welfare, as we have all been close muckers at some time or other and our camaraderie is embedded in our PTI psyche.
Geoff Diggle’s email is:  diggle43@googlemail.com

1.  Since the last AGM on 21 Apr 2012, I record with sadness the passing of the following personnel:

Mr Geoff Barry             Nov 2012  (President)

Mr R Douglas               Aug 2012

2. The passing of our President Geoff Barry was duly marked with the parading of the Association Standard most ably done by John Weedon and well attended by Association Members.

3.  Mr R Douglas was not a well known member of the Association and we only heard of his death some time after the event. Contact was made with his widow through a third party and guidance given as to major Service Charities able to assist if necessary.

4.  Vic Probert has not been at all well this last year with illness and accidents. He is now recovering after his last upset at Stavely Centre Care Home, Chesterfield, 01629-533040 (Satnav S43 3NQ), and he would most welcome visits from any Association Members or friends. We have sent best wishes to him from the Association on several occasions and I am most grateful to Geoff  Fortnam and Geoff Waller for their constant updates on his condition.

5. All too often we hear of Members passing, illness or hardship etc, long after the event. I would therefore urge Members learning of any situations adversely affecting other Members to relay  the information to the Secretary, Welfare  Officer or the Association Area Representative as soon as possible in order that we can pass on the information  and assist where possible.

6. Once again I wish to record a huge vote of thanks to Roy Rigg (and Maureen) for most professionally bearing the PTI Standard when requested. As you all know Roy continues to do sterling work for other military Associations and is still a very active participant in repatriation ceremonies for   servicemen/women  killed on active duty  overseas.

Geoff  Diggle

Welfare Officer

Note:  The HM Armed Forces “Veterans Badge” is available free to anyone who has served in the forces. Details of application (service number and dates of service only, required) can be found on the website www.veterans-uk.info and follow the link “Service records, medals and badges” to apply or download an application form.


One thought on “Welfare

  1. To report the passing of ex PTI Sgt Stewart Cameron BEM who retired 1973 having served 27 years including the School when located at RAF St Athan. The BEM was awarded for 1000 drops and ‘rescues’ from the North Sea when simulating a downed pilot who had successfully ejected and was seated in his survival dingy awaiting a launch.. From 73 to 83 at Lowestoft College, Stewart taught all N Sea oil men the art of ascape from a downed and inverted helicopter in association with 202 Helicopter Rescue Sqn and the Cromer RNIL Lifeboat.
    Stewart was a shining example of devotion to the singular task where he found his niche; a devotion to duty in the best tradition of PT Instructors at large. For this endeavour he forsook opportunities for promotion and status. Rather, he enjoyed popularity with the many young pilots before they continued to advance their careers to Air Rank. He similarly impressed men he trained at Lowestoft. My credentials? I met Stewart in 1948 on our first training course, then later in the 1950 RAF Gymnastic Display Team. We then kept in social/family contact thereafter..
    I understand Stewart’s Cremation Ceremony will be at Banbury, date and time TBA.
    Sqn Ldr John Hindmarsh RAF (rtd)

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