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The Badge 12 November 2015 is out – Please click on the link below

The Badge Newsletter 12  
The Badge Newsletter No 11 2015…/the-badge-newsletter-10.docx…/the-badge-no 9.docx…/the-badge-newsletter-8.pdf

The Badge Newsletter 8,…/the-badge-newsletter-no-7-1.pdf

The very first newsletter was issued in April 1991. It only was meant for serving RAF PTIs but became popular with ex PTIs wanting to be kept up to date with their old career and friends. We renamed it ‘The Badge’ after a suggestion from Darrald Jones and quite rightly the name stuck. In those days the Regional Printing Centre at Cosford were happy to produce the magazine but over the years there have been so many cut backs that it was almost impossible to carry on with the magazine. There have been several attempts to reinstate it but to no avail.

Last year 2012 The Badge newsletter via email was started and thus far has been successful but it is all down to you the readers. We are trying to get more up to date information from the PEd Branch, PTS, ATS and Remedial School. Meanwhile we are interested on how you are doing, what you are doing and what advice you can give to ex PTIs and those leaving the RAF via redundancy, or time expired.

Any articles for publication please send to

Otherwise send to our Super Secretary Denise Street Brown at

The Badge newsletter would not have been anywhere as successful as it is without Denise, she sends information to me, proof reads the newsletter and then when it’s ready sends it off to all the members of the Association.

Click the link below to read the latest newsletter.

The Badge Newsletter 3 (1),  The Badge 4, The Badge Newsletter 5The Badge 6, The Badge Newsletter No 7,


11 thoughts on “The Badge

  1. I have turned 65 this year and my wife tells me I forget what I am supposed to be doing or remind me were I put something. I go to the shop and forget why I have gone there. I park the car then cannot remember where I parked it. But there is one thing I do look forward to and that is the newsletter, I see names and spend time trying to remember why the name is familiar. I don’t count to 13 I try to recount the 13 members of 57 course of 1973. I usually get to 10 or 11 but never the same 10 or 11.
    What am I trying to say. That this newsletter is a life line that helps me to keep my mind active and my memory in some kind of tact. One never considers that age comes to you and deprives you of the health you once had. The agility and speed is eroded, the suppleness replaced with arthritis but the memories albeit a bit fuzzy still remain, the names no so clear but the faces still young. I hope that some young aspiring PTI will take up the mantle and keep this newsletter alive, appreciate what being in this branch or was part of this branch means. My heart felt congratulations to all that endeavour to play their part in it and long may it continue. Of 57 course their are some that seem to have disappeared where are they now. Damian Gange, Stuart Grearson, Shaun Grey, Trevor Bright, Mark Ashdown, Vaughn(Peter)! Tim Marsden, Alan Hamilton, Kevin Best, Bernie Woodward, John Littlewood, Myself, Tom Hardman and Dusty Millar hurrah that’s all of them Others such as Bruce McEwan, Craig Sheilds, Mark Shimmonds, Cliff Rowlands, Graham Hughes, Tom Kavanagh, Chris Johnson, Jim Peters, Denis Williams, Tim Samwell, Gary Corkish all at Swinberby 73/74 plus a few more names I cannot remember. Some no longer with us Bill Torrence, George Martin, Eric Holt. This has been an exercise in memory recall, I have good reason to remember WDD Davis and Bill Steel who managed to do some serious damage to my neck. To Geordie Platts at Mount Batten. To Ian Kevin my sons godfather. Mick Fogerty P Ed O Swinderby. Walter Williamson P ED O Conningsby and Derek Mellor an unhappy accountant at Conningsby who asked me what to do to change trades, Jock Forrest before WDD Davis at Conningsby, Keith Bryce at Boulmer!!!. I remember a certain Volleyball Course at Cosford which every morning would start with a theory lesson in the Spiders Web? Peter(Surname !!) doing his best to be serious. Without the newsletter I would not be doing this and not keeping my mind busy This has been a real tonic and a dam good exercise.

  2. Hi Tom, just stumbled onto this copy of the badge, nothing wrong with your memory mate my e’mail is attached get in touch it would be great to pull up a sand bag with you ( over a pint or two ). I also have a young ex f/Sgt Norman Hudson living about 500 yards from me, who I am sure would join in.

    Regards Keith Bryce.

  3. Only just seen this Keith Norman Hi long time passed by since I last saw you. I often refer to you when talking to our players “Heyside FC see website and how you set about building a team. Ties jumpers bags and the total belief they could win anything, great phycology, which I still use today. We won the league last year promoted and finished third in Div 1 this year and won the Barlow cup Final at the John Smith Stadium Huddersfield. See Heyside v Hepworth on U Tube. Short version has manager and me referred to by players as the two old guys of the Muppets. No respect these days.

  4. Trying to find contact details for an old friend named John Bingham, we ran together on Ascension. My name is Mike Hope ex Royal Signals

  5. met by email Dr.Len Restall NZ. in constant touch -didn’t know each other in 47! he could have been No. 8 PTI course circa 1946.
    Any one from this period out there?
    How about a reunion of the Olympia Display Party London 1947 ??
    wake up at the back!!

  6. Try writing your life story , I’m 150 pages in! Using the writer’s guide. I write about an hour a day.
    Doesn’t anyone remember me ?
    Insults welcomed.
    Charles Pucill
    No. 10 long course 1947

  7. Charles beat you to it just finished mine difficulty is in trying to get a publisher who doesn’t want a fortune to put it into a book. Hope you get better luck than me so far £1600 fee is the least I have found

  8. An autobiography is like painting a picture – when is it finished?

    My sister Wendy has been published many times – she tells me “it is better to have your bedroom walls covered in rejection slips than to have a garage full of books you cannot shift”!

    I did a ‘Novell writers Course” mainly disappointing! But it did offer a few useful tips – grab the readers attention and maintain it throughout, avoid repetition, cut out drivel”!

    My story is not for profit – fool that I am – only for close friends. Other readers will hint at publication or not !
    A photograph is worth a thousand words!
    Best of British what’s it.
    Charles Pucill

  9. Sorry Charles you were not mentioned but I think I will rewrite a bit to include all before me so that should be a couple more chapters. Just took part in the Roebuck ride for the PTI Memorial to be placed at the national arboretum before 1/4/2017 to celebrate 100 years of the PTI Branch just one of the few which originates from the formation of the RAF. See web site just giving for details.

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