RAF PTI ASSOCIATION/AGM Minutes 11th April 2015



Patron:  Wing Commander Chris Cornish  

President: Geoff Fortnam

Vice Presidents: Phil Moyse, Dave Percy,  Geoff Snelling and Bob Roberts.

Chairman:  WO Clive Martland 

Treasurer:  Sgt Ronan Archbold

Secretary:  Ms Denise Street Brown  

Standard Bearer:  Roy Rigg 
Those in attendance 69 
Glan Evans, Henry McDonald, Maureen Rigg, Roy Rigg, Denise Von Roretz, Paddy Johnson, Tommy Thompson, Mick Murphy Snr, Tony Betteridge, Frank Platts, Tony Blaser, John Gallagher, John Doran, Terry Hagan, John Ashby, Chris Beadel, Ian Swindale,Tony Smith, John Weedon, Phil Cook, Bob Palmer, John Bigham, Dick Miles, Gary Scott, John Reeves, Graham Hughes, Dave Rees, Bob Bennison, Ted Wharton, Garry Corkish, Chris Parker,Tony Cornish, Clark Coghill, Barry Mullett, Pete Ross, Phil Cook, Chris Williams, Sue Dring, Tom De – La – Hunty, Bob Roberts, Hazel Bigham, John Henderson, Maggie Henderson, Tony Betteridge, Darrald Jones, Phil Moyse, Terry Thomas, Kevin Redstone, Mark Hyde, Geoff Snelling, Charlie Quinn, Paul Martin, Brian Powell, Roger Mayhew, Richard Taylor, Malcom Broom, Phil Hockaday, Gordon Bosworth

The Patron Wing Commander Cornish opened the AGM at 1500 and asked  everyone to stand while the RAF PTI Association Standard was marched in  by Roy Rigg. A minutes silence was observed in respect of the Association  members who have died and all the servicemen and women who have lost  their lives during the last year in serving their country.

ITEM 2 – WELCOME The Patron, Wing Commander Chris Cornish  welcomed the members thanking them for attending before handing over the  proceedings to the Chairman WO Clive Martland.

The Chairman and Patron gave overviews and updates on the specialisms  within the PEd Branch (PJI, ATI and ERI) with respect to the last 12 months.   The updates are attached as an appendix to the minutes. WO Clark Coghill  gave an update on current practice and developments at the School of PT

(also attached).

WO Martland thanked the executive committee for all their work over the last  year. A special vote of thanks was made to Flt Sgt Andrea Shaw who stood   down as Treasurer July 2014 after 5 years of sterling service. Andrea was  formerly voted in as Treasurer on 10th April 2010, but was co-opted on the  executive committee midway through 2009  taking over from Sgt J Heleas.  Andrea is happy to hear from any members who would like to get in touch,   her email address is

WO Martland reminded all present of The Chairman’s Award:- “The  Chairman’s Award” is presented annually. A perpetual trophy is housed at  the RAF School of PE Cosford on permanent display and a smaller version is  presented to the recipient to keep.

The Award is given in recognition and appreciation of significant dedication,  special contribution, and valuable service to the RAF PTI Association.  Either currently serving or retired members of the Physical Training  Instructors’ Association are eligible.

Apologies are attached to the minutes

The minutes of 2014 AGM were approved

Proposed : Philip Moyse

Seconded : Denise Von Roretz

Secretary’s Report – Denise Street Brown
10 new members have joined the PTI Association in the last year:-

Clark Coghill, Nick Oswald, Helen Simpson, John Walker,  Malcolm Broom, Mark Browes, Matt Rocket, Peter Pugh,              Richard Taylor, Steve Swift and Barry Buck.

The secretary mentioned that there are currently around 380 members on   the RAF PTI Association database, however there are a number of  addresses which are incorrect as people have moved and not informed us of  change of address. Please inform the secretary of any change in contact  details – Tel 07737 192103

Save The Date  

RAF PTI Association Reunion 8 – 9th April 2016

Hotel cost for 2016
Bed and Breakfast at The Ramada Hotel has been confirmed at:- £55 single occupancy per night, £65 double occupancy per night  3 course dinner in the restaurant with coffee and mints will be £25.00 per  person.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Sgt Ronan read through his report and invited questions from the floor. The Outstanding accounts book was made available to the members to look through and the action:- The report is attached as an appendix to the minutes.

Treasurers Report was not Proposed

Acceptance of Treasurers Report seconded

Welfare Officer’s Report:   Dave Percy

The Welfare Officer’s report was read out and is attached to these minutes.    Dave asked that any news of a Welfare nature should be communicated to  himself or the secretary asap.

Standard Bearer Report:   Roy Rigg
The Standard Bearer’s report is attached to these minutes.

Roy is officially standing as Standard Bearer, however in the absence of  anyone volunteering for the role, Roy has agreed to continue in a temporary capacity.

Area Representative Reports 

East Midlands Chris Williams:
Gary Swann Brown stood down after the 2014 AGM, Chris Williams “volunteered”  to take on the role of East Mids rep later on in 2014.

East Anglia Terry Hagan 
I try to keep in touch by telephone given the size of East Anglia reported  variably to extend over distances of 2000 miles to 24000 depending on who  you ask and how much faith you have in the Internet. A mate once looked up  the word “ Scouse” during a bar room debate about the Liverpool  traditional  meal and whipping out his iphone, revealed to the assembled Luddites that th century by a sailor from China whose the meal was introduced in the 18 ship had docked at the Port of Liverpool. The Pub landlord following the  disclosure had to disperse everyone and close early following the ensuing  near riot.

Olive Hathaway sends her best wishes now fully recovered from Tourettes   syndrome, laughed heartily when I told her that at a previous AGM I  announced I believed all PTI”S were naturally gifted with the Syndrome and it  had always been part of the Training to be a successful PTI.  She confesses to being now 84 years old and hopes  to make the ‘Ton’. She  sees her daughter weekly and enjoys reading ‘The ‘Badge’ which keeps her   informed. She reminds everyone visiting RAF Cosford of Phographs  collected by Pat Cuss and exhibited at the Cosford PTI Museum for any  WRAF veterans and serving members to look these up as a comprehensive  history of WRAF PTI’s over the years.

Olive wishes all a happy Re-Union and wants to be remembered to Clive Maitland as they both served time together in Colchester Military Prison  (Have I got that right?) and would like to hear from anyone else wishing to  telephone. Her  number is 01206871212.

Randall Beavan has been away in Monte Carlo celebrating with his wife their  60th wedding anniversary. They have now returned and are touring UK while celebrating and could not make the PTI Re-union, but if their tour passes near Telford may call to say hello to all his old mates as we all do. He sends  his best regards to all.

Frank Lee former inter services Boxing Champion is still working but not as  much as he used to as a physiotherapist. He told me he had not received   details of the reunion otherwise would have considered attending. He would  like to hear from anyone for a chat. Telephone 01473 723815 (Ipswich)  Stuart Cameron, sad to hear of Stu’s demise having tried to contact him by  phone unsuccessfully. I rang Paddy Johnson to find out if she knew anyone  living near him to find out if he had moved but she informed me the recent

Badge mag had just reported his death.

His service record was one of dedication and effort in the job he loved making many friends and held in high esteem by the pilots he worked with in teaching survival skills in the event of ending up in “the drink”.  He was rewarded with the BEM and on retirement flown out of the station by Helicopter following a camp celebration. Stuart was part of the gymnastic display team with many of us attending the Albert Hall for the annual festival of remembrance when I got to know him as a person of great sociability always laughing with his infectious grin.  As I will remember him, RIP Mate.

Tony Cornish lives in darkest Essex, St Lawrence near Southminster and plans to be at the reunion with his lovely wife Tessa who dances far better than I can.  I have only recently discovered East Anglia extended that far west because I failed to contact Tony for several years until he reprimanded me!

Paddy Johnson plans to be at the Reunion with the rest of the Norfolkians, eg John Bingham,Jon Pulford, Dennis Welford and Bob Dumas. Mavis Hannah was not answering her phone so hopefully she is or was on holiday and as I am late going to press thought I would ring her tomorrow  and inform all at the re-union.

South West Graham Hughes
In the absence of Martin Burnell, Graham Hughes gave an update on  upcoming events in the South West. Graham said that he would be taking  over as the SW rep, if voted in by the members.

The SW PTI Association Function will take the following format this year:   Wednesday 2nd Sep 2000. (SW members have first dibs but other members  are welcome numbers permitting). Meet and Greet at the Combined Mess at

RAF St Mawgan.  Thursday 3rd September, Golf at Carlyon Bay Golf Course, 4 x 4 balls  provisionally booked at 1000 – 1022 cost £28.50pp.   Thursday 3rd September, Indian Restaurant meal in Newquay, meeting 1900  in the ‘Steam’ Bar.  Friday 4th September, 9 holes of Golf at Treloy Golf Course 0830 – 0900

TBD – cost £10.00.  Friday 4th September, SW PTI Association Top Table Luncheon and Bar   thereafter 1300 – cost £25.00.   Would all those who wish to play golf at Carlyon Bay, please let me  know in case I have to book another 4 ball?   Confirm attendance at the Indian meal and accommodation required   for 1, 2 or 3 nights at the Combined Mess RAF St Mawgan.   Confirm Golf for the Friday morning at Treloy.

 Finally confirm your attendance at the luncheon and please provide  your vehicle details for me to register you on camp

Ashbury Golf Trip 2015
The Ashbury Golf Resort has been provisionally booked for 17/18 Mar 2016  currently for 32 personnel TBC. SW members have first dibs but others  welcome numbers permitting.

The cost should be £80.00 for a Twin Room and £85.00 for a single room.   (TBC). This will include 1 night accommodation, 2 x carvery breakfasts, 1 x  carvery lunch, 1 x 4 course dinner with wine, 2 rounds of 18 holes of golf and  free buggies.

Please respond to me (Graham Hughes – to book your place and a deposit of £25.00 will be required on 1st June 2015. Please provide your correct e-mail within your reply. Further notice of the deposit and any changes to cost will be provided before June 2015. Nil returns will be taken as a wish not to attend. I look forward to hearing from you all soon and please note if we are confined to just 32 places, it will be on a first return first selected basis.

Overseas Rep Sue Zwart Woodward
Sorry I could not make it this year. My only news but nice news, is from Ann Godfrey nee Appleyard, WRAF PTI from 1975-1982 who served at St Mawgan and Headley Court.

Anne who has been living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for 20 years is returning to the UK for the Rugby World Cup 2 weeks tour in October. After which she will be travelling around the UK for a further 2 weeks. She would very much like to meet up with any PTIs who remember her. Ann’s email address is:

You can also let me have your name, email address and telephone number and I can pass it on to Ann. If there are a few who would like to meet up with her, perhaps I can at last arrange a get together in the UK?

Apart from Kenny Marsh who is still living a life of leisure in Mexico that’s it for this year. Have a great party night.

North East Rep John Doran
John said he is still in touch with Alan Beattie who sends his apologies and that he is hoping to organise a NE reunion later this year.

North West  Rep John Gallagher
John continues to maintain contact on a regular basis with Stan Bethel who is in a care home.

West Midlands Rep John Weedon
John thanked the members for cards of condolence and their kind support following the passing of his wife, it is very much appreciated.  He had nothing of significance to report from the West Midlands region.

Scottish Rep George Whitecross
I have very little to report unfortunately. With the RAF FDTC Grantown-onSpey electing not to support the annual Scottish Golf Day/PTI Reunion for 2015 and beyond, I am currently looking to explore an alternative venue to give it a kick for 2016, maybe Kinloss Country GC or Lossiemouth GC. I will try and get someone from the PEd Flt at RAF Lossiemouth involved so that I have someone from inside the Service and out to ensure we can be successful next year.

Thank you for all your communications, best wishes to the PEd Family from Northern Scotland and I hope you have a great weekend.

London and SE Rep Ian Swindale
Ian reported that he continues to try and generate interest in a local reunion, but there does not seem to be a demand to do this. Ian reminded everyone of RAF Veterans Day on 15th May, saying it was a good day out and if anyone  (from any region) would like to meet up with him for the day, please to get in contact or call 07713 037601

More information can be found at

North West  – John Gallagher
North East   – John Doran
West Mids   – John Weedon
East Mids    – Chris Williams
South West – Graham Hughes
London & SE   – Ian Swindale
East Anglia  – Terry Hagan
Wales          – Geoff Diggle

To settle an on-going debate, Ian stated that the oldest PTI is a lady called Audrey Launchbury at 95 years young. The oldest PTI Association Member is our President Geoff Fortnam at 90 years, closely followed by Frank Platts 89 years.

Welsh Rep Geoff Diggle

Nothing significant to report

WO Martland suggested that those officers who were willing to remain in office should be re- elected

Proposed Darrald Jones

Seconded Bob Bennison

Standard Bearer
With Roy Rigg standing down the position was vacant, however no one else volunteered to take the role on. Roy said that as there were fewer repatriations and functions at which the “various” standards are paraded, he was willing  to carry on in a temporary basis

WO Martland stood down and WO Clark Coghill took over the proceedings as the new Chair. He thanked Clive for all his hard work over the last 3 years

Chairman: WO Clark Coghill

Vice Chairman: Flt Sgt Kevin Norris

Treasurer: Sgt Ronan Archbold

Welfare Officer: Dave Percy

Standard Bearer: Vacant – Roy Rigg carrying on temporarily

Secretary: Denise Street Brown

The Chairman suggested that as long as the representatives were willing they should be re-elected. Graham Hughes and Chris Williams volunteered to take on the roles of South West and East Midland  area reps respectively.

Proposed: Bob Roberts

Seconded: Tony Betteridge

Scotland          –       George Whitecross

Overseas         –       Sue Zwart Woodward

Website – Good Second year.

Since the onset of the RAF PTI Association Website I have to report that it has been a success so far as the following stats will show.

The Website has opened up our range of communications from far and beyond with 10,030 views.  Most are from the UK, but there have been visits from 22 other countries since January 2015 – Over 50 countries since the website started.

The Badge newsletter is also on the Website for all to see. Yet again this has been useful in as much as it can also draw in new members.

The website has been revamped I hope you all like it, if not let me know

The Badge newsletter.

Has been well received with members passing on the newsletter to other ex and serving PTIs/ PJIs/ERIs and ATIs.  It is doing the job for which it was created and that was to improve communications between RAF PTIs and those in the specialist jobs.  With the onset of RAF PTI Association the bonus is that more and more ex RAF PTIs are reading the Badge and getting involved eg sending in articles and becoming members etc.

Denise although an extremely busy lady does a wonderful job in helping me by proofreading and distributing the newsletter by email and sending hard copies to those that do not have email addresses.

As usual we depend on your contributions to keep the newsletter going.

Phil Moyse

The President Geoff Fortnam made reference to how good it was to see the Association growing year on year. He also thanked the Secretary and the Executive committee for all their hard work in keeping the PTI Association going.

i. Proposal 1 from Dave Percy:- All monies raised from the evening raffle should be donated to the upkeep and maintenance of the RAF School of PT Museum.

Seconded Phil Moyse

ii Proposal 2 from Dave Percy:- Over the years we have nominated Honorary members to our ranks in recognition of their help and support of The RAF PTI Association. I would like to propose someone who has been a staunch supporter of the Association for many years and has helped me with the Golf right from its inception, often being the only person in her particular class. I would therefore like to propose Shirley Archibold as an Honorary Member.

Seconded Bob Roberts.

iii.  Charlie Quinn thanked WO Clark Coghill for making time to organise the visit to The School of PT, it was very much appreciated

iv.  Garry Corkish confirmed the dates for the Innsbruck Trip as 22nd – 25th Feb 2016. Approximate cost is £639. For each paying member £30 will be donated to Help 4 Heroes. For more information please contact Garry

v.   Bob Bennison mentioned the Lincolnshire Bomber Memorial in memory of the aircraft that took off from Lincolnshure and never returned. There will be an unveiling ceremony of the Spire Memorial 2nd October 2015

vi.  Phil Moyse asked for a vote of thanks to be recorded for the Committee

As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 16.35
Ms Denise Street Brown Secretary RAF PTI Association Distribution:

All Association Members

Please advise the secretary of any change of address, telephone number or e-mail address and also if you hear of any members of the Association who have passed away.

Email : Mobile:  07737 192103

Reunion Golf Results (announced at the dinner function)

Memorial Trophy won by Kev Redstone with 38 pts

Diggers Trophy won by Mal Broom with 31pts

Nearest the pin Bob Palmer

Longest drive Kev Redstone.

Chairman’s Award (announced at the dinner function)

The Chairman’s Award was presented to Dave Percy in recognition and appreciation of significant dedication, special contribution, and valuable service to the RAF PTI Association.

North West  Rep John Gallagher

Further to John’s report  sadly Stan Bethal has passed away.


The RAF PTI Association account remains an SIF (Non-Public Fund) though is now lodged at RAF Cosford. A reminder please that any cheques should be made payable to “SERVICE FUNDS RAF COSFORD”.

The balance of account continues to sit around the £5000.00 for the majority of the year only changing at the time of the AGM.

1. Memorabilia-           Stock value               £2046.00

Sales for the year  £547.00

Stock donation       £27.00 (RAF Benevolent Fund/Canadian AF) The price of all memorabilia, have been amended to reflect actual costs. (Items were sold at this years PTI conference and will be available at the forthcoming BPTIC graduation. ‘E’-Sites have also been updated)

1. Expenditure-

Engraving                 £13.00

AGM deposit             £300.00

Admin fees                £160.76

AGM / Dinner            £2977.80

Refund                      £75.00

Memorabilia              £346.74

Postage                     £9.57

Total                          £3882.87

2. Income-

Hand over CF           £5,958.60

Corporate donation   £250.00

Memorabilia sales    £547.00

Income                        £2957.04 (membership, dinner, donations)

Total                          £9712.64

3. Actual balance   £5829.77 (as at 31 Mar 15)

4. PTI Association Accounts end of year estimation


Outstanding              £175.00

Balance CF               £5829.77


Estimated balance                                    £6004.77 (as at Apr 15)

Both Cash and Stock books will be available for you to peruse.

Ronan Archbold, Treasurer RAF PTI Association

School of Physical Training


Royal Air Force Cosford

West Midlands


Tel: (01902) 70 4576

Dii –

Personal –


Welfare Officers Report

1. Since the last AGM I record with sadness the passing of the following,

Pete Spearman                    James Gunn

Mash Mines                        Red Hind

Steve Childs                       Phil Richards

Bob Souter                         Bill Fell

Stuart Cameron

Although some of the above were not members of the PTI Association, they all bore the same mark of the “BADGE”. Cards of condolence were sent on behalf of the Association to all the member’s families. I had a reply from Bill Fell’s wife in which she asked me to pass on the family’s thanks for the kind words and saying that Bill certainly enjoyed both his time in the RAF and the many friends he made within the PTI Branch, Cosford especially being a big part in that enjoyment.

Cards of condolence were also sent to John Weedon, Terry Stones and Roger Mayhew on the sad loss of their respective partners. We are all too aware that our partners continued support means a great deal to us all.

Get well cards were also sent to Beryl Stones and Mash Mines, Sadly in Both cases they have passed just weeks later.

This year has been a very trying one for the Probert family and I would like to offer my thanks to Geoff Waller on his efforts with Vic’s sister to try and make arrangements for Vic’s future welfare.

On behalf of the Association, I would once again like to offer a vote of thanks to Roy, with the support of Maureen, for another year carrying our standard with pride. Sadly as you all know Roy will be handing over that task after this meeting. However I asked Roy if he would carry out one last but very sad task and that is to carry the Standard on our behalf at Mash Mines Funeral which he agreed to without hesitation Thank you Roy.

I will once again reiterate the words so often used by Geoff Diggle when he held this post,


Dave Percy

Welfare Officer

Standard Bearers Report 2015.

Having volunteered to carry the Standard until someone else volunteered to carry it in

July 2004, this year has been the quietest to date with the repatriations from

Afghanistan now finished  and only one association funeral for Cpl Steve Childs which due to circumstances I could not attend. A big thanks to John Weedon for standing in at the last minute.

I must say over the last 10 years I have been highly honoured and proud to have carried our Standard when required.  I wish my successor every success in the venture. For the record I will also stand down from the Royal Marine Windsor Branch Standard after 20 years. However, not fully retired from standard bearing, I will still have the Royal British Legion Hazlemere Standard to carry.

A big thank you to D and all the Committee members for their brilliant work.

Yours on Parade Roy Rigg

RAF PTI Association Standard Bearer (standing down)












ATI update
Rationalisation of the FD/AT Wing (Ground)
FF 2020 has prompted some changes to our concept of delivery from which we submitted a paper on the future delivery of Force Development (FD), Adventurous Training (AT) and Sport in the RAF. In broad terms this looked at the issues and challenges ahead in order to deliver this training to a ‘Whole Force’ (Regulars, Reserve, Civil Servants, Contractors) which has undergone significant changes in recent times. Falling out of this came the rationalising of the FD/AT Wing and its ability to deliver training to the right people, at the right time in the right location. The proposal if accepted will see the redistribution of Adventurous Training Instructors (ATI’s) to other locations identified as enabling this objective.


The newly formed Force Development Training Centre (FDTC) in Bavaria has now seen 2 permanent posts established there for the OC and Chief Instructor, currently a Flt Lt and FS respectively. This has given much improved stability and continuity to this function with an aspiration of increasing the establishment to 4 Cpl/Sgt ATI posts. The Joint Service (JS) Parachute Centre Weston-on-the-Green and the JS Gliding Centre at Halton have been subsumed into the Wing and are now brigaded as FDTCs.


The Group, commanded by a Full Time Reservist Group Captain (FTRS), is now known as ‘Specialist Training’ has a formal commitment to RAF Phase 1 training from Halton, Cranwell and Honington which is currently absorbed by FDTC Crickhowell, Fairbourne and Grantown on Spey.


RAF Centralised Force Development Training
The RAF leadership Team have agreed a new mandated competency for all RAF Service Personnel (SP) to complete a Staff Ride, AT/FD training intervention once every 3 years, with these Performance Indicators being managed through unit FD Squadrons. In response to this the development of a fully funded Centralised Scheme has been approved which supports units to achieve this goal, but does not replace their own initiatives. In essence the concept is a layered approach to AT which is themed on a Staff Ride and blended with activities which forms a coherent package to enable our people to consider RAF Ethos, Ethics and Heritage. There are 27 of these schemes in place at the moment which are branded as ‘Eagles’ and operate out of the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and Holland. A good example of this concept is Telemark Eagle, the Special Operations Executive who destroyed the Heavy Water Factory in

Rjukan, Norway; here SP undertake Nordic Ski training, ice climbing and cover the ground the Norwegian Commandos took to complete the mission (if possible parachute in), visit the objective and learn about the men and the mission and its implications for modern operations and Air Power today.


The Specialisation reaches beyond the RAF and trains SAS soldiers at the initial phase of their Mountain Troop course and maintains 2 posts in Joint Services delivering leader/instructor training to the Services at large.


ATI’s are still regarded as a highly capable cadre who punch well above their weight and as we move to a Post Operational posture, the centralised FD Training should provide ATI’s with opportunities to continue delivering key interventions which strengthens the Moral component of effective Air Power.


WO Nev Smith


ERI Update
ERI Course Attendance
Each year there is a SOTR to load 4x RAF sS PTIs onto the JS ERI Crse. However, manning turbulence and prediction of future requirements has realised a reduced number of PTIs being loaded onto the courses as there has not been the need. However, as a result of only being able to populate 1x position on the current course and a changing landscape which includes Cpl PTI’s leaving the trade (Redundancy, not being signed on and/or commissioning) and promotion to Sgt there are gaps at Cpl level which need to be filled. Therefore the Summer Crse (Jun 28th) will be loaded with at least 5 personnel with a similar projection for the Jan 16 Crse.


There have been the following promotions in the last 2 years: –

Cpl – Sgt

Sgt Laura McGawn, Sgt Sue Pugh, Sgt Wayne Crawford, Sgt Si Almond, Sgt Adam Hennessy, Sgt ‘Sparky’ Hyland, Sgt Angie Milam, Sgt John Watkins, Sgt Julie Hammond, Sgt Dale Wallace,


Sgt – FS
FS John Mills,  FS Dave Lemon, FS Jo Geeson, FS Shane Bird, FS Chrissy Magee, FS Cheryl Slater (nee Done), FS Nic De-Long (On return from Cyprus – Dec 15) FS – WO

WO Max Martin


Ø  FS De-Long selected to be the CSFA Head Coach

Ø  Sgt Si Almond – RAF Water Polo Vice Captain, RAF Swimming Team Assistant Coach GB U19 Water Polo Team

Ø  Sgt Wayne Crawford – RAF Rugby League Rep & the Academy S&C Coach , Gained a prestigious place on a Medical Degree looking towards a Doctorate

Ø  Sgt Nige Miller – RAF Skeleton Bob Coach

Ø  Cpl Kearney GEMS Award for the development of a Touchscreen Exercise Resource to aid service personnel when exercising (he liked it to the Fit for Life Booklet). This has resulted in liaison with 22Tg Gp and an App potentially being developed for a mobile phone.

Ø  FS Hilary Dimeck RAF Ladies Indoor Tennis Champs Winner in Feb 15

Ø  Cpl Craig Nicholls RAF Water Polo Rep

Ø  Cpl Jess Pippard RAF(W) Basketball

Ø  Sgt Dyfan Pierce RAF & CS Football

Ø  WO Max Martin RAF Masters Netball & 98 years of Rep RAF & CS!!!


In line with the continued questions ref future of the PEd Branch as a whole the only one that remains a constant in regards ERI is whether it is more appropriate for it to come under the Medical CoC and sever links with the Trade. To date we have always managed to argue and convince the ‘Powers that be’ that this would not be the correct course of action. On a positive note Defence Rehab Strategic planning up to 2020 & beyond still has a military ERI footprint central to its ‘Concept of Operations’ and ‘Planning for Contingency’ doctrine.


WO Lenny Brayshaw



PJI Update
The PJI cadre presently has the following manning employed in PJI duties. (I hope I have added up correctly)


23 Officers 81 NCO’s

8 x Reservists/ADC

PJI Course started last week. 2 x Officers and 8 JNCO’s


The scheduled yearly output for the Parachute School ab-initio Trg is:


7 x BPC (64 Tps) 3 week Courses.

1 x Res BPC 2 week Course.

SFPC and SFSptPC 4 week Course.

BT380 land and water Course 2 weeks.

High Altitude Parachute course 3 x 4 weeks.

PJI professional development Exercises 10 weeks.


The yearly planner for our SF PJI’s is, as always extremely busy and demanding, needless to say I can’t list their activities.


JADTEU remain extremely busy with a variety of Trials the highest profile being the

A400M. (I won’t see it in my time unfortunately)


The RAF Falcons have completed their Pre-season Trg and will hopefully be ratified in April and also have a heavy schedule of events throughout the display season. The coach for this year is FS Ceri Marshman, promoted into post late 2014.


FDTC (W) are fully manned and although they work under 22Trg Gp, their development is integral to the PJI career development model.


The practical element of parachuting is supported by a variety of administrative posts, not least STAR (Safety, Training, Assurance and Regulation) this Sqn is led by Sqn Ldr

Howard Marsh, in his charge, he has WO’s Blain (ADC), Dawson (FTRS) and Woodward, along with FS Gillet and 4 x SNCO’s.


Our 2 Gp representatives are Sqn Ldr Rushton and FS Rose based at Air Cmd. Within the confines of Bzn we also have FS Forster embed within FHQ heading up the DH process.


WO Ian Charnock





School of PT Update
Command and Control
The current OC is Sqn Ldr Trev Down, taking over from Steve Bryce in Jan 15. In Apr 15 the School returned to Lodger Unit status again, now coming under the command and control of 22(Trg) Gp’s Specialist Training Wing, headed up by Gp Capt Mark Smith.


The restructure now means that the OC SofPT is responsible for all areas within the building. Training Delivery Flight (TDF) looks after all PTI initial and further training, headed by FS Kev Redstone. Training Support Flight (TSF) is responsible for all course documentation and training development, headed up by FS Kev Norris. Formal Training Flight (FTF) under FS Jo Geeson takes care of all PEd delivery to Phase 2 students on their technical training courses. She is also responsible for the 2 PTIs running Station PEd. Russ Oxborrow manages all matters Home for Sport (HfS) along with oversight of the swimming pool manager. Currently RAF Cosford is HfS for RAF Netball, Basketball, Fencing, Athletics, Football, Powerlifting and Judo.


The School is established for 37 RAF staff and 12 civil servant staff. Of the 37 RAF staff 9 of these posts are Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS), ranging from FS to Cpl. With the current manning deficit the School has been running at approx 80% staffing for the last several years.


For the next two financial years we have an Into Training Target (ITT) of 40 qualified

Regular RAF PTIs per year. In an attempt to meet this target we have two Basic PTI Courses (BPTIC) under training at the moment; BPTIC 86 has 13 uts, all male, unusual in this day and age, who are due to graduate on Thu 30 Apr. They are posted to Shawbury, St Athan, Cosford, Cranwell, Benson, Odiham and Brize Norton to start work on Tue 5 May 15. And BPTIC 87, who started at the School in Jan and are due to graduate on 7 Oct 15, this course has 12 male and 4 female uts. BPTIC 88 will start with 16 uts in Jul 15, BPTIC 89 will start with 16 uts in Jan 16 and BPTIC 90 in Jul 16.


Royal Auxiliary Air Force PTI Training
Government Policy has stipulated that the military is to make better use of the Whole Force. The Whole Force being Regular, FTRS, RAuxAF, civil servant and contract personnel to deliver military capability. What this means for us is Vetting and training suitable civilian volunteers to become Part Time Voluntary Reserve (PTVR) PTIs. Longer term the aspiration is for a PTVR PTI to provide the PEd needs for their respective sqn and mobilise to backfill a regular post as and when required. To date we have run 3 Vettings since Sep 14, finding 10 suitable. The first PTVR PTI training course is in Oct 15. The trainees for this course will graduate from Basic Recruit Training at Halton at the end of Apr 15.


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