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Parachute Jumping Instructors

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2014 Challenge Inter-Ecoles De Parachutisme (C.I.E.P)

The Airborne spirit of 7 Parachute Jumping Instructors (PJIs) from ADW was put to the test in July when they travelled to Germany to compete with other PJIs from across NATO for supremacy in the prestigious CIEP competition. The teams competed in a range of arduous events, all based on the skills required by Military Airborne Forces; Orienteering, shooting, accuracy parachuting (freefall & static line), and swimming in uniform. The UK were up against teams from Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia and Belgium.

The UK haven’t competed in the Challenge for 7 years and we had to be realistic about our strengths and weaknesses. The challenge that faced us was massive; none of us had ever been orienteering, we had never fired the German weapon (G36) and we had never jumped an accuracy parachute which is vastly different to any other form of parachuting. And so for 6 months we ‘beasted’ ourselves through regular training sessions fitted in and around the busy work tempo of ADW. We attended an orienteering course, we had a shooting lesson from UKSF personnel and very slowly, we got to grips with the new parachutes. The training culminated in a week long ‘boot-camp’ in Cyprus. Throughout our training we were sponsored and supported by Air Bus.

On the 18th of July, we made the long drive to southern Germany for the competition. The Orienteering course turned out to be tougher than we had anticipated. Supposedly 6km long, the markers were spread out over the steepest forestry terrain we had ever seen and the event turned into a 2 hr+ hill rep session.

The following morning we headed to the local swimming pool. We had trained hard in the pool and we saw this as our best event. We were in first position right up until the last 10 metres where I pretty much drowned. Somehow, I survived and we clung on to the silver medal.

We all performed well in the shooting, hitting targets from up to 200m away in the pouring rain.

Being accurate on a round parachute is all about luck and jumping out at the right point. Unfortunately the tricky winds caught us out and we lost a few points. At least we didn’t land on and around the vehicles like some teams who were lucky to avoid serious injuries.

Everything was still to play for down to the last event, freefall parachuting. All the hard work paid off and we put in our best ever team jump. Aiming for a 2 cm target, all 5 members landed with an accumulative distance of 80 cm earning a silver medal.

Unfortunately for us, the Polish team came 3rd, narrowly beating us to the bronze medal overall.

Winning two silver medals and coming 4th overall was a great result for us and justified all the hard training. Working relationships with our European counterparts were re-established and we all benefitted from this great experience. Team UK look forward to building on our experience and going to Poland next year stronger than ever!

PJI & Canopy Club Association


President and Vice-Presidents (VPs):

The Assn’s new President (Gp Capt (Ret’d) Peter Watson was elected by the existing VPs and took post after the AGM on 13 October 2012.  The VPs (up to 10 are permitted) were themselves elected at previous AGMs and their other primary function as distinguished retired PJIs is to provide advice and assistance to the Committee when required.  The current list includes: Mervyn Green, Jim Hurford, Peter Keane, George Sizeland, Seamus Byrne, Henry MacDonald and Glan Evans.  Gp Capt (Ret’d) Peter Hearn is the immediate (and only living!) past President.

The Committee:

Chairman               OC ADW –  Wg Cdr Wayne Loxton        (

Vice Chairman       Clive Hillman (Retired)                            (

General Secretary  Mick Threlfall (Retired)                           (

Assistant General Secretary Chris Heathershaw (Retired)   (

Reunion Secretary Doug Peacock (Retired)                         (

Treasurer               George Long (Retired)                            (

Oxon Area Sec      Glan Evans (Retired)                               (

ADW WO Rep       Chief Instructor – WO Ian Charnock            (

The Committee meets 2-3 times per year and the General Secretary produces a Winter Newsletter (soon to cease), and the main Summer Newsletter.  Newsletters are circulated electronically to those members who possess an Email address to increase efficiency and reduce postal, administration and stationery costs.

Henry MacDonald (Retired) ( is the Golf Secretary; but is now retiring after 21 years in this capacity.  Details of his successor will be shown in due course.

Sgt James Bruce (ADW) ( is the Web Manager, as appointed by OC ADW; Deputy is currently niC Martin (

Additionally, the following Area Secretaries (all retired) assist the Gen Sec on an area basis with welfare, and in dealing with the news of serious illness or the passing of members.  They are as follows:

London and South East:            Fred Marshall            (

Midlands & Wales:                     Nic Martin                 (

East England:                             Brian Stevenson       (

North of England:                       Ralph Weavill            (

Scotland:                                    Ron McKail               (

Oxfordshire:                               Glan Evans                (

South &South West:                   Graham Hand           (

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