JSATI Motto –  Semper Resurgens – Always Rising

 Adventurous Training Instructors

The Royal Air Force established its first Outdoor Activity Centre in Llanrwst North Wales in 1967, for basic expedition training and outdoor activities.  An allegiance was brokered in 1972 to accept Royal Navy instructors and the Centre became the Joint School for Adventurous Training Instructors (JSATI) in 1985 with the arrival of the Army (RAPTC).  The Centre’s Mission is: “To train and assess all nominated Physical Training Instructors and Physical Education Officers from the 3 Services in the technical skills of Adventurous Training (AT) activities and all other relevant aspects of Adventurous Personal Development Training (APDT)”.

The primary purpose of RAF AT is to help prepare all Service personnel (regardless of their rank, branch or trade) to meet the challenges of contemporary Operations and warfare through real life experiences. Warfare demands of its people the qualities of robustness, resilience, endurance, empowerment, competency and self-sufficiency in the field.  Furthermore, the Service requires its personnel to have Leadership, Teamwork and Inter-personal skills of the highest order.  AT provides a medium for Service personnel to hone these skills in an environment directly comparable with the Operational environment.  In addition, AT plays a direct role in forging and reinforcing the RAF’s Ethos, Core Values and Standards as demanded within AP1.
RAF ATIs are critical in the delivery of the Generic Education and Training Requirement to RAF personnel in all stages of Formal Trg, and particularly in support of the RAF Force Development (FD)/AT Strategy.  A measure of the importance of this trg is the requirement that all RAF personnel are mandated to complete FD/AT every 3 years.  RAF ATIs are at the very core of this mechanism, shouldering responsibility for the delivery of the RAF Centralised FD/AT Scheme and for administering, managing and advising on all Stn and Unit FD and AT related matters.  RAF ATIs, regardless of rank, are responsible for the management of high-risk activities and for ensuring that all layers of the authorisation process are informed and protected.
 On completion of the 10 month ATI course, these instructors are qualified in delivering Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, High Ropes Trg, Mountain Biking and are equipped with a host of the foundation skills in Winter Mountaineering, Ice-Climbing, Ski Touring and Mountain First-Aid.
 WO Martin S-ATI

 Ex Cambrian Eagle 2013 FDTC Crickhowell held Ex Cambrian Eagle 2013 between 11-15 Nov 13, hosting the arrival of 7 keen stations containing 42 participants (RAF Marham 1 & 2, RAF Cranwell/Cosford, RAF Cranwell/Coningsby, RAF Digby, RAF Benson and MOD Boscombe Down) to accept the challenges ahead and compete for the trophy.

The key focus was to contribute to robustness training by developing the physical and mental resilience of personnel, coherent with core values and standards of the Royal Air Force, meeting the needs of the GETR and forever promoting the Peoples Campaign Plan. Crickhowell staff were supplemented by 3 FDTC Fairbourne ATI’s to supply 3
arduous action packed challenges.

The 3 challenges

The first was a combination of Mountaineering and Caving requesting the teams to navigate to Eglyws Faen cave and then complete a limited light mapping challenge.

On the second day teams had to complete a Mountain bike route at the Forest of Dean Cycle Centre, including a time trial ascent and tyre change against the clock.

The final challenge comprised of completing a Canoe trip at Ponsticil Reservoir to collect vital rafting equipment and race around the course.  Prior to the buffet and celebrations held in the local community it was announced that RAF

Cranwell/Coningsby claimed the title as the Winners of Cambrian Eagle 2013. Ex Cambrian Eagle 2014 is due to be held 2-6 Jun 14, many teams look to return and compete in what is expected to be a bigger and better scheme.

WO Tony Martin



nture Training Instructors


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