Area Representatives


AREA REPS as of 2013










Geoff Diggle


London & SE



Ian Swindale


North West


John Gallagher



North East


John Doran



West Midlands   


John Weedon

 East Midlands   

 Chris Williams    


South West



Martin Burnell


East Anglia         



Terry Hagan 




Sue Zwart-Woodward





 Please contact your area reps if you want to organise anything or have some news that may be of interest to our members. Also if there are ex RAF PTIs who wish to become members please let Denise know at her email address –     











One thought on “Area Representatives

  1. this association is important to me,long may it continue. I look for names I knew 1947 – 68, trouble is at that time we knew each other by `nick` names! Names printed today don’t necessarily use the same initials. It would be helpful to me if qualifying dates were included.[from & to] . I see the occasional current snap shot, they look a like!
    for moment I thought I’d attend 2018 – but it will remain a dream at 89 years old fairly fit, gave up throwing the Hammer at 65! gave up golf when I could throw the club further than I could hit the ball!
    My car 2014 MB is used as a motorised shopping basket. I can walk to the shops only when the local cafe is open!, both directions are now uphill!

    I am more grateful for the “Badge ” than I have the words!
    Do keep the PTIA up to strength.
    Charles Pucill 1947 -68

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