The RAF PTI Association was introduced in February 1994 The PTI Course design team consisting of WO Phil Hockaday, WO Darrald Jones, FS Phil Moyse and Sgt Pat Corfield built it up on the back of the success of ‘The Badge’ magazine and the setting up of RAF PTI Museum at the School of Physical Training.

The aim of the Association is to provide an opportunity for RAF PTIs to get together regardless of specialisation, rank or status, to renew old friendships and provide a welfare link through our Area Representatives. It is our chance to meet as one and reflect our common bond.

The Association welcomes all RAF PTIs who have completed a RAF Basic PTI course. (see Membership page)

The Badge newsletter. Due to restrictions of the services we are unable to the produce ‘The Badge’ as it was.  The Badge email newsletter was created in August 2012 by Phil Moyse.  

Issues of The Badge newsletter can be seen on ‘The Badge’ page in this Website.




10 thoughts on “History

  1. Hello Leon, My brother Billy was at Wyton and I took his place for a short while. Billy is living near RAF brize Norton and does a lot of voluntary work for the BL and RAFA.

    Thanks for contacting me.


  2. Hello Peter, lovely to hear from you, sorry it’s taken so long but I’ve not been able to use the site for a while. I’ll let Billy and John know that I’ve heard from you when I talk to them next.

    All the best to you.


  3. Hello Leon,

    Yes I am Billys brother, and he is doing well down in Oxfordshire. He is keeping himself very busy, I shall send him your regards. By the way I took over from Billy at RAF Wyton.

    All the very best Phil

  4. Hi Phil. Your name came up in conversation the other day when we were talking about the Kingfishers boxing club which is still going strong in Gt Yarmouth. Amazing what a Google search brings up!. My brother Nigel Baldwin trained with you and I remember you and your brother Billy doing your window cleaning round before signing up. Glad to know you are both well.

  5. Hello Donna, Sorry it’s taken so long to reply but I’ve had computer problems, need I say more. I would love to visit the Kingfishers club when I am next in Great Yarmouth. Boxing did so much for me and Billy and lead us into an exciting life in the RAF. I am now retired and do voluntary work as a Magistrate, Town Councillor and various other things. I hope Nigel is keeping well and thank you for contacting me. Yours Phil

  6. Hi Phil, just picked up this thread doing a Google search, it would great to hear from you. My email address is Nigel.baldwin3@btopenworld.com . Great to hear you are all doing well. Great memories of the Kingfishers and all that running we did! Great life skills. Nigel Baldwin

  7. School of pt. is it not appropriate that all new courses should have sessions on the history of the branch and a serious reference to the importance of the association. Should not all new pits automatically become members and a representation to the association each annual conference in the form of a demo and formal presentation be the corner stone to their future involvement. This has to come from those at the top. The lack of interest in the recent roebuck ride illustrates the attitude that prevails in society today. You at the top have a moral duty to effect a positive cultural change in attitude towards the association. Who in times of need are there for ex and currently serving prison. So come on. And respond appropriately especially this our 100 year. Start with a parade of pit trainees at the unavailing of the memorial at the national arboretum in April. Plenty of time to organise.

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