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If you have completed a RAF PTI Basic training course, you are entitled to join the RAF PTI Association.  If interested you first port of call will be ( see the Area Representative page).  If unavailable then please contact our secretary Denise on dmbsquash @ or myself (Phil Moyse)  at


22 thoughts on “Becoming a member

  1. Sent my membership money but nothing heard?……..great website by the way ….cheers tony martin

  2. Just been talking with Eileen Beasley and she told me about your existence. More info re becoming a member would be appreciated.

  3. Hello Phil. Just found out about the association. Would like to join. If you could pass me the relevant information please.

  4. After attending my first reunion I’d like to say thanks to the committee for an excellent weekend; making me welcome and a well organised event.
    Mal Broom.

  5. Hello Mal, good to see you at the Reunion, I am having a problem recognising people (something to do with age) so I hope you were not offended. We didn’t get much chance to talk so I’ll make an effort next year. Best wishes Phil

  6. Hello Gerald, I saw Eileen at Mash Mines funeral, she is looking well and has done a lot of charity work over the years, I believe she still lives in the local area of Telford West Midlands.

    Regards Phil

  7. Hi Phil, don’t know if you’ll remember me now we’re getting into our senior years. However, I think it’s about time I joined this ilustreal group your all having far to much of a good time without me. Could you send me the relivent info please.

  8. Hi Phil hope you are well thought I should join the association and catch up with old friends. Hope to hear from you soon

  9. With great sadness to announce the passing of WO Eileen Beasley MBE BEM ret ex PTI who passed away this morning after fighting a hard battle with a sudden illness. Thoughts are with our family at this sad time.

  10. Not at this time I have posted to RAF pages FB and RAFA have also let combat stress know developments this week with family etc and friends still serving for decsions which will be decided by immidiate family I’m on FB and you have my email will be in touch Ref news etc for arrangements

  11. Hi all SWO Eileen Beasley MBE BEM MSM funeral arrangements are on 3rd May at Telford Crematorium 13:00 hrs all condolences can be sent to me via e-mail at I can then pass onto our family . There will be Royal Air Force presence and it will be a military funeral.

  12. Sincere condolences Scott, would you like the RAF PTI Association Standard at the Service. Roy Rigg is the Standard Bearer, I can check his availability if this is something the family thinks appropriate. Please advise

  13. Dee to have the standard bearer would be fantastic. The Sqn Ldr who is dealing with the ceremony will need to be informed my wife will contact him tomorrow from work and pass on your details to arrange. Many thanks

  14. Very sad to hear of the passing of SWO Eileen Beasley It is belatedly but non the less sincere. I was on the same basic PTI training course as Eileen, 1966/67 at raf St Athan, Eileen was a few years older than the rest of us new recruits aged 17/18 as she was on a trade change. We were so lucky to have the benefit of her experience to guide us on what at the time was a very difficult course. I followed her progress over the years after I left the WRAF to have a family and how successful she was. RIP Eileen.

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